Independence Day
14 August 2016
Address: Pakistan

Pakistan was sectioned off from India due to the efforts of “the Pakistan Movement”, which sought separate nation status for the Muslim areas of the Indian subcontinent. Originally, Bangladesh was also a part of Pakistan, known as “East Pakistan,” but it soon became its own nation. The name of the remaining “West Pakistan” was soon officially changed to “the Islamic Republic of Pakistan” to reflect the nation’s religious fervor. Interestingly, August 14th fell on the 27th of Ramadan in 1947, and the day before was a holy day of Islam called “Laylat Al Qadr.” This coincidence only tends to strengthen the religious overtones of Pakistan’s independence day.

Defence Day
6 September 2016

Defense Day is celebrated on 6th September every year in Pakistan. It is celebrated on the memory of martyred people who gave sacrifices of their life for the defense of the country. Pak - India War II was fought in 1965. This was ended on 6th September and both countries stopped damaging each other by using weapons etc. on 6th September, Defense Day of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This war affected financially both countries but none of them could really dominate. As Pakistan remained saved, Defense Day is celebrated on 6th September. Pakistan and India, both countries fought that war for the issue of Kashmir but this issue remained unsolved. A lot of people lost their lives from both countries and a lot of weapons were used. At last on 6th September, this war was ended with the support of UN.

Death Anniversary of Quaid-i-Azam M. Ali Jinnah
11 September 2016

Iqbal Day - Birth Anniversary of Allama Mohammad Iqbal
9 November 2016

Pakistan Day
23 March 2017


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